Friday, 29 May 2009

6 Essentials for Newbie Success in Affiliate Marketing

1. A product Niche – what you sell or offer

You need to put a lot of thought into your product niche. The reason is because you will be devoting considerable time and expense in building a website or blog around your product. I suggest you make a decision on what market you will target and make it a broad or large market or target audience on which to build your business. You don’t need a million niches to make money on line, you just need to find a target audience and build your business around group of subscribers and site visitors by presenting multiple offers. Many people are able to choose a market from their knowledge base, their work, hobbies, sports, etc. If you have a large target audience, that would be perfect because you already have the knowledge to promote your business through web postings and ezine marketing. If you don’t already have a market in mind, just chose one of the major divisions from Clickbank’s Marketplace. Just Google “Clickbank”.

2. A Domain Name – the name of your site.

You are going to set up a website or blog not to promote someone else’s site but to promote your own site. You have the broad target audience that you are going to promote to. Your domain name should include or be relevant to the name of your niche target area. Your domain name should help you build a sense of professionalism and enhance your credibility. Choose your domain name carefully as it will aide in enhancing your product branding in the future. You have to have long term vision. You might need to add a suffix on the end of your domain name to find one that is available. You can consider something like times, talk, helps and so on. At the same time, you have to decide where you will purchase your domain name. There are hundreds of places to purchase, Go Daddy and Hostgator are two popular places but buy it where ever you like. Just be sure you pay less than $10 per year for the name. A final point is try to keep your domain name as short as possible and one that is easy to remember.

3. A Hosting Company to host your site.

Your site has to be on a server in order to be located on the web. There are hundreds of hosting companies to choose from that will host your site. I highly recommend that you get your site hosted on your own domain and web host rather than free hosting. You should be able to get web hosting for under $10 per month. Again, Go Daddy and Hostgator are popular hosting companies but choose whomever you want. I recommend that before you enroll in hosting that you ask some questions of the hosting company like, do they have 24/7 tech support, and do they have Fantastico Deluxe if you plan to set up a blog. Tech support is very important because as you start to set up your website or blog, if you are a Newbie, you will get stuck on something and need help. Trust me on this one. When I set up my blogs, I got stuck a lot – the tech support was what you might call a “life saver” for me. Choose your hosting company carefully.

4. Knowledge of how to set up a website or blog.

You may be thinking that you can have someone else set up your website or blog for you and that is certainly true. You also need to remember that you will want to make a lot of changes to your site, add posts, do corrections and a whole list of other small needs as time goes by. You certainly need to be able to handle these changes as they arise otherwise you will be spending a great deal of money unnecessarily. When I started, I knew absolutely nothing about blogs but I decided to learn it on my own – that didn’t work out very well, so I purchased a course on how to set up blogs that worked really well for me. I can now do all the things I need to do including setting up other blogs to expand my business. In my opinion, having the knowledge to set up your website or blog is essential to your success as a web marketer. Learn what you need to know early in the game and it will add a lot more income in your pocket later. If you want more information, just visit my blog.

5. Learn how to drive traffic to your site.

You will spend a good deal of your time working on ways to drive traffic to your site. You can have the most beautiful site, the greatest content, the videos, and all the bells and whistles, but if you don’t have traffic then all is in vain. That is, if your plan is to make money. If it’s just an information site, then traffic doesn’t matter. There are lots of ways to get traffic, both free and paid and I will only mention a couple here. I just want you to keep in mind that traffic is important and you will need to be able to entice them to your site. Google Adwords is probably the most popular paid way to get traffic. You should do a lot of study before you start an Adwords campaign to be sure that you will be attracting prospects that are looking to buy and not just looking. Your keyword selections that you use will determine if they are buyers or lookers. Your want buyers who are looking for the specific product that you are selling on your site. Writing articles and submitting them to Ezines is another excellent way to get exposure. The more articles you write, the more exposure your site gets. The more people who see your articles, the more clicks you will get to your site. So you need to get your articles in from of as many prospects as possible. Posting on forums is another way to get traffic but don’t spam the forum. A forum is like a community so you need to just look around for a while and get the feel of the forum before you post. To find the forum for your niche, just Google search on “your niche” forum. There are dozens of other ways like using Ebay, or promoting off line that you can use. You can also consider classified ads. Promotion of your site is vital to build your traffic and traffic is vital to succeed in Internet marketing.

6. An Autoresponder for list building

If you haven’t heard it already, you certainly will as you explore on the web, and that is “the money is in the list”. Too many newbies simply advertise their affiliate link and send the visitors to the website where the product sales letter of the affiliate is waiting. But think about this for a moment, when you send one of your visitors directly to the sales page, who gets the benefit? A little hint; it’s not you. The owner of the product gets the benefit because if the owner is any kind of marketer, they will have a list for visitors to join. Then they get to promote to that visitor over and over. They don’t have to promote just their product, they can promote other people’s products too. Also think about this, you got that subscriber through your effort, but you won’t earn a penny on all the future sales. The better way is to capture the subscriber on your list first. That’s why an autoresponder is essential for success.

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